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 Bullying Stinkz

This is why the philosophy that is central to ‘Bullying Stinkz’ – prevention rather than cure - is so important. Bullying is a learnt behaviour, so is tolerance, respect for difference, empathy, recognition of the right to emotional security for all and the duty to secure the dignity and safety of all. What Bullying Stinkz offers is a systematic and integrated approach across the childhood years that builds, reinforces and sustains the anti-bullying message. Crucially it works by reinforcing a message embedded at the most significant age, not by seeking to change established behaviours. The approach is based on a range of multi-media approaches that appeal to media savvy children, and their parents. In particular the approach uses sophisticated video and ICT resources that engaging and credible.


The Bullying Stinkz approach works through two fundamentally significant learning strategies. Firstly, it is based in story telling. It has been the case throughout history that the best way to develop moral awareness and inform social behaviour is through story telling. Stories bring ideas to life, they make the abstract concrete and amuse and entertain – we remember what we enjoy. A storyteller led every great faith and philosophy. Stories can be repeated, in fact children love the repetition of their favourite stories and repetition is one of the very best ways of consolidating a message and securing confidence. Secondly Bullying Stinkz has developed a range of characters with universal appeal that makes the message real and the issues easily identifiable. By developing positive role models with messages that are consistently reinforced the Bullying Stinkz approach ensures that the rejection of bullying is rooted in a deep and authentic personal understanding that informs language and behaviour.

Bully Stinkz is different because it starts from the premise that bullying is a moral issue and that, like all moral issues, people have choices. The purpose of moral education is to help young people do the right thing by making the right choices about their relationships with others. Bullying Stinkz develops the confidence in young people to make valid choices, know why they have made them, and be able to help others understand why those choices are right.

Bullying Stinkz is a strategy designed to help secure a kinder, gentler and more accepting world in which difference is a source of joy, hope and celebration and not the reason for fear.

Further information about Bullying Stinkz is available from:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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